Monday, 9 April 2012

Study Break on a Gloomy Monday.

Since I am a student, I am dealing with the stress of exam period right now. Throughout my daily studies I like to take some relaxing breaks in order to refresh my brain in a way. I have recently moved to a new house, and there is a really nice bath tub in one of my bathrooms. Therefore, a Lush bath seemed like a perfect solution for one of my breaks.

I am a recent lover of Lush products (however, I am not lacking in the quantity of Lush products I own ... (it's a really bad addiction of mine **sigh**)). I am a particular lover of the bath bombs, I just love how they make the water smell delicious, my skin super smooth, and above all else how they 'explode' in the warm water!

The bath bomb I used today was called "Phoenix Rising".

Lush's "Phoenix Rising" bath bomb is one of its more recent additions to the collection of bath products. It has a gorgeous look, royal purple and gold dusted. Not only does it look FABULOUS, it smells delicious - Lush describes it to "... fizz out a spicy apple and cinnamon scent". It gives off a beautiful pinkish, purple colour to the water, along with a shimmering gold lustre on the surface - it makes your bath water have a whimsical look to it. Have a soak in this special concoction and it will leave you feeling like a GODDESS (and almost forgot to mention, you will smell terrific afterwards - the scent of cinnamon with an orange twist will linger on your skin). <3

I will close with saying - Don't forget to take some relaxing time for yourself whenever you are dealing with a stressful situation - take a moment out of your busy day to take a calming Lush bath - always works :) .

What do you think of this lovely looking bath bomb?

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