Saturday, 29 March 2014

Brand Focus: Mary Kay

Hello All My Lovely Ladies!

I have some exciting news!!!

I have recently decided to become a part of the Mary Kay team! So life has become a little bit busier for me, which I am actually really enjoying! 

 I received my gorgeous Mary Kay kit in the mail the other day, I was totally in utter nirvana looking through all of the products/samples that were inside!

As you can see in the above and below pictures, some of the coolest products that were included inside my Mary Kay kit were these full size bottles from Mary Kay's 'Satin Hands' line.

Mary Kay 'Satin Hands Hand Softener'

Mary Kay 'Satin Hands Smoothie Hand Scrub'

Mary Kay 'Satin Hands Hand Cream'

The line is unscented, so for those of you who are sensitive to scents, this product will be wonderful for you!
For everyone else who isn't sensitive to scents, this product will still be wonderful for you as well! Mary Kay also carries a peach scented line for those of you who absolutely love scented beauty products! The peach scent smells delicious!

Before I started painting my nails, I figured I would give the products a try and give myself a full pampering manicure!

The steps are rather simple as well as very enjoyable! I took some photos of the entire process!


1. Optional, dampen hands (this is just for 
     added hydration) ...


2. Use 'Satin Hands Hand Softener' ... 

3. Massage cream into hands && between
    fingers ...

4. Use 'Satin Hand Satin Smoothie Hand
    Scrub' ...

5. Scrub, scrub, scrub! (Massage into hands &&
    between fingers)...

6. Resulting with a gritty, yet sudsy texture ...


7. Rinse well && pat hands dry ...

8. After hands have been patted dry, use 'Satin Hands Hand Cream' ...


9. Massage cream into hands && between fingers...                                   

And you're finished!
I am totally in love with these products,my hands are now refreshed, renewed, and pampered!
This is a very simple way to achieve those nice soft, 'just had a manicure' feeling hands, all from the comfort of your own home. (This product is supposed to be dedicated to hands, but I find it does just as well on my feet or any other dry areas on my body, for example: elbows and ankles. This product will help smooth out any body part you are having a difficult time moisturizing!)

Now you're ready for the polish! <3

cheers && get to pampering! 

xo amy.