Friday, 27 April 2012

a little beauty product shopping trip.

Hello all,

Over the past couple of days I have been spending a little bit of money haha. Along with my purchases, I received some free 'gifts' - which made me pretty happy too :) .

I am just lusting for all the spring lines. Took me a while to find the Maybelline Spring nail polish, but I found some and bought three shades - yellow = Fierce N' Tangy, purple = Purple Icon, && pink = Coral Crush. I also bought some eye shadow from the Maybelline line as well - shade - Pink Punch.

I have also been wanting a highlighting product for a while now. I picked up a Mineral Glow Pearls Powder Palette from Physician's Formula in the shade Translucent Pearl.

I visited the Lancome counter as well. I picked up an eye shadow palette in some spring colours - Coral Crush. With this purchase I received a free: make up bag, lip stick - shade - Groupie Shimmer, blush - shade - Mauve Coquette, mascara, a youth activating serum (helps with refreshing my skin in the morning), a serum of light (really highlights and defines the skin), make up remover, && a mini bottle of flash bronzer to use on my legs.

I bought my first bottle of Butter London nail polish as well! They aren't too easy to find in my area of Canada, but when I was buying my Lancome products, Butter London happened to be in the store as well!
The shade I bought is a hot pink colour named Snog.

I also ordered a full set of Sigma brushes, which I am severely looking forward too!! I will post some pictures of them as soon as I get them.

I have also taken a bunch of pictures and swatches of most of these products that I purchased / received - it just would have been way too long of a post for me to do at the moment!

Anyway, hope you ladies are having a lovely Friday - yay it's the weekend!


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Candle Of The Moment.

Lately I have been burning a lot of candles. The two top brands of candles that I enjoy the most are Yankee Candles && Bath and Body Works Candles. Today I am posting about one of Bath and Body Works's candles I love the most.

The aromatherapy line of Bath and Body Works is amazing. I previously worked at a Bath and Body Works and totally spent most of my pay check on their products (** embarrassed face **). However, I do not work there any more && I try my best to stay away from any of those stores, because Bath and Body works just smacks the money right out of my wallet..... **sigh.

Anyway, the candle I am enjoying the most these days are Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Candle - Night Time Tea.

The writing says that the scent is supposed to be calming - which it totally is. The scent calms but does not make sleepy, which a lot of people in Bath and Body Works said it would. I'm glad it doesn't though, because I just love this scent. I want to burn this candle at all times of the day, not just before I go to bed!

Plus, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I love the holographic shine of it, the pink && purple combination adds a lot of girly-ness to the candle. I never want to cover this candle up, it's always out for display :) .

What is your favourite brand of candle? How about your favourite scent?

I'm off to go shop for some make up! Hope you lovely ladies are all enjoying your Wednesday!


Monday, 23 April 2012

the saviour of my lips.

Hello all :)

My post today will be another Lush product. Lush happens to be one of my obsessions lately, I can never resist going into a Lush store if I happen to be passing by one....anyway, the product I am thrilled with lately is my Lush lip scrub.

There are other flavours to choose from, but I chose the Mint Julip flavour. If you are a mint fan, you are sure to enjoy this. It tastes like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream. Yes, it's edible... The formula is made from fair trade sugar, which results in the delicious taste.

Not only does it taste scrumptious (for a lip product, tee hee), it does wonders for my lips.

There are certain shades of lip products that show chapped lips more than others. This product takes care of that for me. I apply some of this ex foliating product to my lips and it smooths away any imperfections. Therefore, I can use any shade of lip colour without having to worry about highlighting any chapped lip problems.

Hope you all had a happy monday! :)


Sunday, 22 April 2012

sunday funday.

So, I am officially done with exams. Woo, Hoo! In order to celebrate, I decided to create a fun look on my nails.

It is a mismatched look, but I really like that look on other people, so thought I would try it out myself. I enjoy this edgy design, particularly because I feel it holds a lot of character. I used Essie's shade "e-nuf is e-nuf" (567). A sort of coral -y, red colour (which I love). Essie's nail polish formula has never disappointed me - the polish was very easy to apply and the pigmentation is superb - this is only two coats (totally opaque). For the animal print I used, once again, Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in the shade "Kitty Kitty" (320). These nails strips were a lot easier to apply compared to the last set I had purchased (previous nail polish post -

I see a lot of Leopard/Cheetah print around - first time trying it on my nails and I must say I never want it to chip! * Here's to hoping it will make it through the week!!

What do you think about Leopard print? How about the bold coral, red colour Essie has to offer?

Hope you all had a great weekend - happy sunday everyone!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

put this on your cheeks :)

One of my regular make-up routines is blush - every day I put blush on. Whether I'm wearing very neutral colours, or dark, glamorous colours - blush is always a must! I would have to say my most favourite brand of blush so far is by benefit.

The shade I particularly enjoy the most is bella bamba. It is a very pigmented, almost hot pink colour with some shimmer as well. The best thing about this product is that you can either put a noticeable amount on to make a more glamorous effect, orrrr you can put a little amount in order to match your more neutral look. Depends on what look you are aiming for, which ever your wish is, it can be achieved with bella bamba! 

As you can see in the pictures I took of this product, I didn't get a chance to get any pictures of it unused - I enjoy this product so much that I have already hit pan in the picture... :(   sorry ladiesss! 

I LOVE the packaging it comes in, a holographic bright orange && pink packaging. It also has a magnet to ensure the lid will stay closed when the product is not in use. The box is nice && deep as well, therefore carries a lot of the product. 

I am now on my second box of this blush && I am still not bored with it at all - I am pleased to say that it has stuck with me (which happens to be a huge help on my wallet!). 

What is your favourite brand of blush? What is your favourite shade? Would you wear this glamorous hot pink colour on your cheeks?

happy wednesday everyone! 


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

the scent i have fallen for.

For the longest time I have been in love with this scent. Before, this used to be the one and only scent I would wear - however, I have expanded my horizons and now have a huge perfume collection ... another one of my obsessions ... *sigh*.

Anyway, this scent is by far my most favourite one still, I wear it constantly. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture has won my love!

The bottle I took pictures of was a special holiday version. I simply love this packaging though, the frosted gold sides give it a very elegant look. The charm is different compared to the conventional bottles that are sold and this bottle is a lot bigger as well.

Well, no matter the differences, the scent is all the same!

Juicy Couture describes Viva La Juicy as " ... top notes of wild berries && juicy mandarin gently tempered with honey suckle, gardenia, && jasmine. Underlying it all are warm tones of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood, && praline.Boldly bottled with Juicy charms and rocked in fuschsia wrap" . 

When I wear this scent I definitely get a strong whiff of vanilla && jasmine - two scents I absolutely adore. I get some of the honey suckle scent as well. Either way - all of these scents mixed together is the perfect combination for me!

What is your favourite perfume scent? Will you give this one a try?


hope you all had a happy tuesday!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Nail Of The Day.

I am going out with some family && friends tonight, for a going away party. I thought it would be nice to do my nails with some fun colours! I thought that a fuschia colour would be nice paired with some kind of a gold.

The end result kind of reminds me of a striped piggy bank look - I know, super weird! I ended up using Sally Hansen Salon Effects once again - in the shade 440 - Animal Instinct. I found these strips a little bit harder to use than the past ones - the excess polish of the strips did not want to file away - frustrating!

The gold colour I used is Revlon's Gold Coin - 925. The consistency of this polish is quite good - that is just two coats && the pigmentation is pretty strong.

Overall, I enjoy this fun look on my nails - for the event I am going to tonight will be pretty wild, I figured that my nails should match!

Will you give animal print nails a chance?

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Saturday, 14 April 2012

foundation and pressed powder day.

For today's post, I figured I would put up my favourite foundation && pressed powder combination (since everyone seems to be doing it lol). I have gone through many foundations && pressed powders, trying to find the perfect ones - not too cakey on my face, but enough to cover up the blemishes && make my skin look perfect :). After my long search (yes, I even bought a lot of expensive items, thinking they would be the ones - but nooope :( ) I found a more inexpensive brand that suited me perfectly.

Maybelline's FIT me! products are astoundingly awesome. 

There is a good variety of different shades - && these can all be found at your local drug mart, which makes it super easy. I chose the 120 shade - Classic Ivory. On the packaging it says that it "Matches Natural Tone, Blends Seamlessly. && Lets Skin Breathe" - this is not false advertising whatsoever - every thing said, is true (for me at least). 

I am so happy with this purchase - now I don't have to hunt any more!

What is your favourite foundation && pressed powder combination?


Thursday, 12 April 2012

what female wouldn't like to receive free beauty products?!

I paid a visit to the Trade Secrets in the other end of town yesterday. I went there to purchase the Babyliss Pro ceramic curling iron with twin barrels. Have been wanting that hair tool for way too long now && this Trade Secrets actually had it! Turns out they are discontinuing it, soooo I finally found it, just in time!!! **Phew**.

Anyway, they had an awesome deal going on as well! If you spent a certain amount of $$$ moula $$$, they offer a free bottle of awesome body moisturizer!! && well, I have become an absolute fanatic about all kinds of creams - so I was thrilled to receive this for free. && it wasn't just a small bottle of sample cream, it's a great big 500 ml bottle of HEMPZ Pure Herbal Extracts - Body Moisturizer, in the scent of Pomegranate (which happens to be one of my all time favourite scents fyi).

Have not tried out the curling iron (tee hee), yet I have tried this body moisturizer quite a bit. It is such a creamy foundation, not runny at all. You can tell by its thickness that it is a rich moisturizer, which will hydrate to the max.<3.

As you can see this is the bottle it comes in, pump and all! The description on the back says that it is " ... enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil and blended with natural extracts to provide dramatic skin hydration and nourishment to help improve the health && condition of skin " && it also lists off that it is " Paraben Free, Gluten Free, && 100% Vegan ", for those of you ladies who like to know that info with ease. Since I've gotten this cream, I've used it throughout the day && after my shower && before bed - my skin felt fully quenched && smelt of sweet pomegranate goodness! 

While I was taking pictures of this product, my kitty wanted to join the fun. Thought I would include this photo!

(my little beauty product review kitty <3 haha).

Zenoe likes this cream too, will you??

* you should all give it a try if you are a fan of yummy scented moisturizer products!


Monday, 9 April 2012

Study Break on a Gloomy Monday.

Since I am a student, I am dealing with the stress of exam period right now. Throughout my daily studies I like to take some relaxing breaks in order to refresh my brain in a way. I have recently moved to a new house, and there is a really nice bath tub in one of my bathrooms. Therefore, a Lush bath seemed like a perfect solution for one of my breaks.

I am a recent lover of Lush products (however, I am not lacking in the quantity of Lush products I own ... (it's a really bad addiction of mine **sigh**)). I am a particular lover of the bath bombs, I just love how they make the water smell delicious, my skin super smooth, and above all else how they 'explode' in the warm water!

The bath bomb I used today was called "Phoenix Rising".

Lush's "Phoenix Rising" bath bomb is one of its more recent additions to the collection of bath products. It has a gorgeous look, royal purple and gold dusted. Not only does it look FABULOUS, it smells delicious - Lush describes it to "... fizz out a spicy apple and cinnamon scent". It gives off a beautiful pinkish, purple colour to the water, along with a shimmering gold lustre on the surface - it makes your bath water have a whimsical look to it. Have a soak in this special concoction and it will leave you feeling like a GODDESS (and almost forgot to mention, you will smell terrific afterwards - the scent of cinnamon with an orange twist will linger on your skin). <3

I will close with saying - Don't forget to take some relaxing time for yourself whenever you are dealing with a stressful situation - take a moment out of your busy day to take a calming Lush bath - always works :) .

What do you think of this lovely looking bath bomb?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday Nails.

I attended my family's Easter dinner tonight and I wanted to wear a fun, spring/easter colour design on my nails. I  had previously gone to a drug store to purchase some nail polish a few weeks back and the colour I had bought suited this event perfectly. I used L'Oreal's shade - Club Prive (105) on all of my nails except for my ring fingers on each hand. For those, I used the Sally Hansen's Salon Effects - Love Letter (410) - which might I add, are a breeze to do annnnnd look absolutely amazing!

The consistency of the L'Oreal nail polish is a little bit runny - as you can see on some of my nails I did not paint enough coats. I have a total of two coats on - however,I think with three, the colour would have turned out a lot better! On the other hand, I love this shade of nail polish, as it gives off a nice spring look, along with a touch of a seemingly oceanic colouring.
The Sally Hansen Nail Effects are an awesome idea for those of you whom are in a rush or just want a neat design your own hands would not be able to handle. It is actual nail polish strips, I tend to use a base coat just so the strips will have more to latch onto and then I cover with a top coat (after I've stuck it on and filed away the excess).
In case you lovely ladies are wondering, I used my Seche Clear Base Coat and my Seche Vite Top Coat (adds a massive shine to it, which I absolutely LOVE).

Hope you all like the L'Oreal spring shade, along with the additional Love Letter nail art.