Saturday, 14 July 2012

early saturday morning bath.

Hello everyone,

Today is an exciting day for me, as there is a festival happening in my city and some of my favourite music artists are going to be there! I woke up earlier than I usually do (for a Saturday) and decided I wanted to use some one of my Lush products ( I want to buy more bath bombs, but I made a deal with myself - that I have to finish the ones I already own in order to justify buying new ones lol ). The bath I had was simply wonderful.

Lush's 'Honey Bee' bath bomb had the most delicious scent! As the bath bomb fizzed away in the warm water, my nose was filled with honey, toffee, and sweet orange scents! The water became infused with moisture - which made my skin feel silky smooth and quenched to the fullest. It was a perfect way to calm down my excitements and I was able to enjoy the morning thoroughly.

I would have to say the only down side to this bath bomb is that it turns the water into a colour that resembles urine haha. BUT if you can get past the physical look of the water, the scents you will encounter are absolutely worth it :). Plus your skin will feel so smooth and fresh - you will feel renewed, I promise.

Annnnnyway, hope you are all having an awesome Saturday! I know I will!


What is your favourite Lush product??