Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lancome Eye Shadow Palette - Coral Crush

Why, hello again!

Since I already have the pictures edited and up on my computer, I figured I might as well do a blog post about one of the products I bought last week.

My most favourite eye shadow palette right now is Lancome's Coral Crush. I particularly liked these colours because they are very neutral and can be worn almost anywhere. However, there is a slight pop of colour - the pinky coral colour (which must give the palette its name).

I absolutely love these eye shadows! The pigmentation and consistency of the powder is amazing, and seem to stay pretty bright throughout the day (they don't really dull out very much). The palette also comes with a little plastic sheet that outlines which colour to use and what area of your lid to use it, which can be helpful.

The order of these swatches goes 1. top shade (all over the lid and up to your brow), 2. far left shade in the middle row (just on your lid), 3. middle shade of the middle row (crease), 4. far right shade of the middle row (highlighter for the inside corner of your eye), and 5. very bottom shade (darkest brown, supposed to be used as liner)

I love this eye shadow palette. Would you use these colours to create an awesome look?


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