Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday Nails.

I attended my family's Easter dinner tonight and I wanted to wear a fun, spring/easter colour design on my nails. I  had previously gone to a drug store to purchase some nail polish a few weeks back and the colour I had bought suited this event perfectly. I used L'Oreal's shade - Club Prive (105) on all of my nails except for my ring fingers on each hand. For those, I used the Sally Hansen's Salon Effects - Love Letter (410) - which might I add, are a breeze to do annnnnd look absolutely amazing!

The consistency of the L'Oreal nail polish is a little bit runny - as you can see on some of my nails I did not paint enough coats. I have a total of two coats on - however,I think with three, the colour would have turned out a lot better! On the other hand, I love this shade of nail polish, as it gives off a nice spring look, along with a touch of a seemingly oceanic colouring.
The Sally Hansen Nail Effects are an awesome idea for those of you whom are in a rush or just want a neat design your own hands would not be able to handle. It is actual nail polish strips, I tend to use a base coat just so the strips will have more to latch onto and then I cover with a top coat (after I've stuck it on and filed away the excess).
In case you lovely ladies are wondering, I used my Seche Clear Base Coat and my Seche Vite Top Coat (adds a massive shine to it, which I absolutely LOVE).

Hope you all like the L'Oreal spring shade, along with the additional Love Letter nail art.

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