Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Candle Of The Moment.

Lately I have been burning a lot of candles. The two top brands of candles that I enjoy the most are Yankee Candles && Bath and Body Works Candles. Today I am posting about one of Bath and Body Works's candles I love the most.

The aromatherapy line of Bath and Body Works is amazing. I previously worked at a Bath and Body Works and totally spent most of my pay check on their products (** embarrassed face **). However, I do not work there any more && I try my best to stay away from any of those stores, because Bath and Body works just smacks the money right out of my wallet..... **sigh.

Anyway, the candle I am enjoying the most these days are Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Candle - Night Time Tea.

The writing says that the scent is supposed to be calming - which it totally is. The scent calms but does not make sleepy, which a lot of people in Bath and Body Works said it would. I'm glad it doesn't though, because I just love this scent. I want to burn this candle at all times of the day, not just before I go to bed!

Plus, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I love the holographic shine of it, the pink && purple combination adds a lot of girly-ness to the candle. I never want to cover this candle up, it's always out for display :) .

What is your favourite brand of candle? How about your favourite scent?

I'm off to go shop for some make up! Hope you lovely ladies are all enjoying your Wednesday!



  1. great review, ive always got a candle burnimg in my room, may have to give these a try :) x

  2. thank you Halley! it really is a lovely scent! :)