Wednesday, 18 April 2012

put this on your cheeks :)

One of my regular make-up routines is blush - every day I put blush on. Whether I'm wearing very neutral colours, or dark, glamorous colours - blush is always a must! I would have to say my most favourite brand of blush so far is by benefit.

The shade I particularly enjoy the most is bella bamba. It is a very pigmented, almost hot pink colour with some shimmer as well. The best thing about this product is that you can either put a noticeable amount on to make a more glamorous effect, orrrr you can put a little amount in order to match your more neutral look. Depends on what look you are aiming for, which ever your wish is, it can be achieved with bella bamba! 

As you can see in the pictures I took of this product, I didn't get a chance to get any pictures of it unused - I enjoy this product so much that I have already hit pan in the picture... :(   sorry ladiesss! 

I LOVE the packaging it comes in, a holographic bright orange && pink packaging. It also has a magnet to ensure the lid will stay closed when the product is not in use. The box is nice && deep as well, therefore carries a lot of the product. 

I am now on my second box of this blush && I am still not bored with it at all - I am pleased to say that it has stuck with me (which happens to be a huge help on my wallet!). 

What is your favourite brand of blush? What is your favourite shade? Would you wear this glamorous hot pink colour on your cheeks?

happy wednesday everyone! 


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