Saturday, 13 October 2012

deep autumn plums.

hello girlies,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far!

I have really been enjoying wearing all of the beautiful fall colours. I have been making a combination of wearing deep, dark plums on my nails, lips, and eyes. I am just absolutely in love with this shade!

Firstly, I will start off with my nail colour:

O.P.I.'s "Every Month is Oktoberfest", is a beautiful deep, dark, plum shade, with gorgeous undertones of red and blue. Depending on which way this polish hits the light, it can have many different shades ranging from dark blue, to an almost maroon red. I LOVE the way this colour looks on my nails, a lot of people are asking me what shade I am wearing too! It's just beautiful. It is a perfect shade for the fall season, along with matches some of the other looks I have been wearing as well.

My eye makeup I have been wearing lately:

The eye shadow I have been using for the outer corner of my eyelid, is L'Oreal's Color Infallible in the shade "Burning Black". I have no idea why they called it that, I see more of a purple than black...oh well! Anyway, this eye shadow is wonderful - very pigmented, perfectly coloured - it matches almost bang on with O.P.I's "Every Month is Oktoberfest". The only downfall, I found, of this eye shadow is that it is very powdery which makes it almost impossible to have no shadow fall down onto your lower cheek while trying to apply. It's a very simple fix though, just hold some tissue where the powder will fall and you will have no problems :). 

For the base of this look, I used Maybelline's Color Tattoo in the shade "Painted Purple". I found this a perfect colour to bring out the intensity of the other shade "Burning Black". It also does a very good job at holding all the eye shadow in place, this look lasted me a whole night with no smudging.

Finally, I will finish my post with the lip look I have been deeply in love with lately:

This deep, plumy, vampy colour is M.A.C's lipstick in the shade "Dark Side". I was a little reluctant in using such a dark colour, since I do not own a dark lipstick like this. Turns out, it matches my fair skin tone perfectly. I feel awesome when I wear this lipstick, haha. It is another perfect fall colour to bring out within the season!

What are your most favourite fall colours to wear altogether?
Are you a fan of dark lipsticks?

Enjoy your Sunday <3


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