Friday, 10 August 2012

DIY makeup brush holders (or whatever else you choose it to be!)

Hello all,

As you all probably know already, I am an avid YouTube watcher, especially when it comes to the beauty gurus. I'm sure a lot of you know Ingrid or should I say 'missglamorazzi'. She made a YouTube video a while back on these. I will put the link here, in case any of you want to see it:

 I used the same candles as her - Bath and Body Works' Slatkin and Co. However, I used different colours of glitterfrom her, I believe. For the Blue one I used - Recollections Micro Beads in the shade 'Ocean' and for the Rose Gold (looks more pink on camera than off camera) one I used - Martha Stewart's Coarse Glitter in the shade 'Rose Quartz'. They both turned out quite nice - although, I would not recommend using the Micro Beads because you do not get the awesome coverage like the coarse glitter does. It looks really cool, but there are some sections that I am not happy with.

Annnnyway, this is the finished product for the Blue one. I decided to use this one for my make up brushes, simply because the colour matches with my bathroom. I am not completely sure as to what to use the Rose Gold one for, but I'm sure I will have no problem figuring it out.

I'm quite happy with the way this craft turned out, I will be making more of these in the future - as Ingrid mentioned, they would be nice to give out as little gift basket style things, haha.

Hope you enjoy the look of these - all the products I used are in the top part of the collage style picture I have placed above - minus the craft brush that I used to spread the Mod Podge (which, by the way, comes in matte or gloss, I just used the matte one for these).

Have a great weekend everyone!