Saturday, 14 April 2012

foundation and pressed powder day.

For today's post, I figured I would put up my favourite foundation && pressed powder combination (since everyone seems to be doing it lol). I have gone through many foundations && pressed powders, trying to find the perfect ones - not too cakey on my face, but enough to cover up the blemishes && make my skin look perfect :). After my long search (yes, I even bought a lot of expensive items, thinking they would be the ones - but nooope :( ) I found a more inexpensive brand that suited me perfectly.

Maybelline's FIT me! products are astoundingly awesome. 

There is a good variety of different shades - && these can all be found at your local drug mart, which makes it super easy. I chose the 120 shade - Classic Ivory. On the packaging it says that it "Matches Natural Tone, Blends Seamlessly. && Lets Skin Breathe" - this is not false advertising whatsoever - every thing said, is true (for me at least). 

I am so happy with this purchase - now I don't have to hunt any more!

What is your favourite foundation && pressed powder combination?


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