Monday, 28 May 2012

NARS haul.

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I posted something, but I've been really busy. Finally decided to sit down and try and post something.

Sooo, I had never owned anything NARS before, but I had heard and seen amazing reviews on NARS products. Went to my local Sephora and went a little bit NARS crazy. I'm in love with all of the products, I wish I could buy all of them!

Instead of draining my wallet completely of all its money, I bought some of the basic make up I thought I needed out of the NARS products.

First off, I wanted some NARS blushes:

The packaging of the NARS products are simple, yet gorgeous at the same time. 
I love how compact the packaging is, and it has a nice feel to it when you touch it.

The first blush I bought was the shade "Desire".

It's a very nice, light, but bright pink. It really accentuates my cheekbones and I love wearing this on a summery day with a nice sun dress and neutral eye colour. 

The second blush I fell in love with was the well known NARS shade: "Orgasm".

I absolutely love the coral tone to this shade of blush and the shimmer it adds to your skin as well. I wear this blush almost every day now, I like to pair it with more elegant colours (darker eye make up). It reminds me a little bit of a rose gold shade, which happens to be a very popular colour this season.

I am a new lover of highlighting products. I came across this highlighting stick and I cannot stop using it! 

The shade I chose is "Copacabana". There were a few darker shades,  but I preferred the lighter one, simply because I feel it will highlight my skin tone more. I love the shimmer it gives off, it turns out that this shade is a perfect fit to my skin tone <3.

Third items I looked at were the lipsticks. Let me just say, NARS' lipstick is so creamy and matte on my lips. I LOVE the way these lipsticks look/feel!

I am very happy with the purchases I made! Going to be wearing a lot of NARS products within the near future lol. 

Let me know what your favourite NARS product is :)


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