Sunday, 20 May 2012

May 24 Weekend BBQ

Hello everyone,

So today I am heading to a BBQ with friends and family in order to celebrate the long weekend. I wanted to have a summer look on my toe nails. It is very warm here today, so perfect for a sun dress and summery nail polish on both toes and fingers.

While I was with my younger cousins a couple weeks ago, they took me to Claire's - a store that is for pre teens and teens mainly. I randomly saw these nail polish strips for my toes. I had never seen strips for the toe nails, only for my finger nails. I found a really pretty print and thought I would give it a shot.

The colours are very bright and noticeable. The design is very hippy-ish, which I really like. They were a bit harder to put on than the Sally Hansen nail strips I use for my finger nails. You can really tell that the product is made from cheap materials. It was very hard to file off the excess, but I managed. The finished look is worth it though. This would be an almost impossible design to create with your own hands, therefore the hard work paid off :). Once I put a top coat on it, the polish strips did not budge from my toe nails.

So I have pretty looking toe nails to wear to the BBQ now. Not entirely sure I would purchase this product again, simply because it was kind of difficult. I think I will just settle for regular polish on my toe nails, for now.

What do you think about the design of my toe nails? Have you ever tried polish strips for your toes before?

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