Monday, 4 June 2012

some summer shower gel scents.

hello everyone!

I'm sort of a shower gel fanatic, and I found a perfect summer scented one at Sephora a while ago, but haven't blogged about it yet. Another shower gel that I am absolutely loving at the moment is one that can be found at a local drug store and is very well known.

Sephora is well known for selling Philosophy products, and the scent I chose is "Senorita Margarita". It smells exactly how a lime margarita would. It is just so fresh smelling and matches perfectly with the season. If  you enjoy a margarita on a hot summer day, try enhancing your sense of smell with this lovely product while you shower! It makes me feel like I'm on a nice vacation somewhere tropical whenever I shower with this product. It is a creamy green colour, and when using a loofa, suds up quite nicely. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, smooth and clean - along with a hint of lime margarita scent lingering on your skin.

The second shower gel I have been using it Soap & Glory's "Clean On Me". It is very moisturizing, so whenever I feel the need to quench my skin, this shower gel does the trick. I love how it has a pump on the bottle as well - it makes it super easy to use in the shower. It smells absolutely delicious as well(much like all the other Soap & Glory products).

These are my top two shower gels at the moment, what are yours? Would you use a margarita flavoured shower gel on your skin?

Happy Monday everyone! 4

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