Tuesday, 1 May 2012

hair of the day.

Hello lovelies,

So, today is a pretty gloomy, rainy day where I'm at. Nothing seemed to be working for my hair - just one of those bad hair days. So I decided to try a messy side fish tail braid for the first time. I took the pictures with my phone, so please excuse the horrible lighting and quality haha.

I tried as best I could to capture the messiness of the look along with trying to get most of the braid into the picture as well. I was heading out for a casual dinner and decided that this look would do. I am wearing my extensions in this picture (I wish my hair was that long - I am trying to grow it out though). They are my Luxy Hair Extensions and so far I love them. They are very soft and match perfectly with my hair colour. The package came with a lot of wefts for a decent price as well. Hair extensions in my area of Canada are quite pricey - but I bought these online and they came to $136.00 I believe, which is awesome. 

I was sceptical at first because I thought, for that good of a price, they mustn't have good clips or the hair might not be as soft as I would like, but honestly, the clips are amazing and very durable and the hair quality is so nice!

Here is the link for the hair extensions in case any of you are interested - they do ship world wide as well! 

The make up look I have, in these picture,s comes from a lot of the beauty products I purchased and showed you in my last blog post (http://thoughtsfromamyr.blogspot.ca/2012/04/little-make-up-shopping-trip.html) - I promise pictures and swatches of those products are soon to come! 

Hope you all had a happy Tuesday! 



  1. I love the fishtail braid! (: Do you think the Luxy hair extensions will blend nice with really thick hair? Right now I am using the SKR ones and they are about to be thrown away since half of the hair broke off by now.

  2. Hey Stephanie!

    Thank you! And there are two sets that you can buy - one for thinner hair and one for thicker. My hair is more on the thick side so I bought the thicker package - 160 grams. The neat thing about these extensions too is that there are so many different undertones that even if the colour looks to be a little bit off when you first look at them - when you hold them up to your hair it blends in soooo nicely. These extensions are actually a little bit lighter than my hair colour but they match perfectly as soon as they as I put them in my hair :)

    So yes, I think these will blend nicely with thick hair :). Check out their website along with the luxyhair youtube videos (if you haven't already)- they have really neat hair tutorials and actually show you all the extensions shades in a video.

    1. Thank you! I am going to check them out! I have that problem with matching my extensions because my hair like 4 different shades of brown haha. Maybe these will be my next purchase(: