Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Rimmel Apocalips: Stellar

Happy Tuesday!!

haha, yeah I know, it's only Tuesday *groan*...

On The Bright Side

I have a lip product that I wanted to review for all of you.

I do know, I'm little bit late on reviewing this product, but where I live, the stores don't usually get anything until a lot later than everyone else it seems, so please bare with me here, lol. 

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers:

My initial thought on the product: dannnng this is pigmented!
I do know one thing, this lip laquer is going to last me a long time, simply because you only need to use a very small amount to get completely opaque lips.

The shade I went with is "Stellar", and on the lips, I feel like it looks a lot brighter than when it is in the actual tube...however, I still really really like it - and do think that it can be a colour that you can wear in the summer and carry on into the fall and winter seasons.

 I took a few shots of what the product looks like on my lips - here I have what it looks like in the bright sunlight. You can see that it has quite a hot pink tone to it...but it does have a little bit of deeper red undertones, which is why I feel like you could keep wearing this shade right on from summer to winter.

Here I have what the shade looks like in a more darker lighted setting. Still a beautiful, bold colour.
As I said before, a little definitely goes a long way with this product. I actually tried to get as much of the excess product off of the applicator before I touched it to my lips - and in the end, it still gave me completely opaque and bold looking lips.
I did find the product to be a little bit drying after about an hour... so I would advice you to add a moisturizing lip balm prior to applying the product.

The lasting power is AWESOME
About 5 hours in, my lips still had the coloured stain to them, it had lost its glossiness, but the colour was definitely still going strong!
I love that in a lip product, because then I don't have to constantly feel like I
 should be reapplying the product.
I have worn this to work once, and I reapplied it once throughout the day and that's about it. Might I add that you definitely do need a mirror to apply this, because it is so heavily pigmented and quite hard to get off if you do make a mistake...but when a product's lasting power is so amazing, I don't mind pulling my mirror out once throughout the day to touch the look up.

All in all, I think I will be buying more shades to add to my lippy collection. They are quite effortless and so chic. I am totally in love, just as almost every other girl in the world is, lol. 

Hope you ladies are having a beautiful Tuesday, and talk to you soon!

cheers && give into your temptation of buying a lip product ;)

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