Tuesday, 5 November 2013

instagram in october.

First question of the day: Who doesn't like/use instagram these days??

I happen to be a HUGE instagram addict...(updates come to the side bar of my blog, actually).

I have been doing a lot of 'out of the ordinary' type blog posts, simply because I would like to share a little bit more than just beauty products with everyone - I am liking the idea of broadening my horizons a little bit :) 

I have decided that at the end of every month (or, the beginning of every new month...most likely...lol) I will be posting what the past month has been like for me, through my instagram pictures. The order of the photos will go as regular instagram formation: from most recent to less recent.

Most of this month consisted of a lot of warm foods, warm clothes, and cold walks!
In my newest picture above (top left) I just purchased a new nail polish from the new Mariah Carey Christmas line from O.P.I - this shade is "All I Want for Christmas (is OPI)" and I can't wait to paint my nails with this and show you guys! I do realize, Halloween just passed...but these limited edition nail polishes, never usually last long in any of the stores located near me. 
I was also a Zombie Hunter for Halloween (that bruise is not real - OH the wonders of make up!), decided on this costume, simply because I just fell in love with the show "The Walking Dead" ( I know, slow to jump on the band wagon, as usual). To create the bruise I used a wet sponge to dab some black eye shadow onto my skin (only use a little bit in order to create the mishapen, faded, bruised look), used a dark purple eye shadow in the middle to create a two toned effect, and then blended it all out with some brown eye shadow with an old make up brush, I planned on never using again. Oh, and of course, I used a little bit of fake blood - because what is Halloween without some fake blood!?! 
I bought a new shirt from Ardene, received a furry bear hat from my friend, made home made crock pot applesauce, and also decorated a really cool skull - to add some extra chic-ness to my apartment (got the idea from Mr.Kate's channel on YouTube: http://www.mrkate.com/2013/10/13/diy-halloween-decor/ )

I recently fell in love with wearing my hair up in braided buns, made an autumn play list, was more adventurous with my meal planning and cooked some new recipes, tried and fell in love with Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte, and ventured on some beautiful and chilly walks.

It was Canadian Thanksgiving throughout the month of October as well - had some delicious food and desserts. I also came up with the personal tradition of having Tuesdays as my official bun days - adds a bit of fun to the dreary second day of the week. I have mini hauls within my instagram, and take pictures of mostly everything I love!

I have my instagram user name on the side bar, but I will put it here as well: arussel1 - come follow me!!!

Sorry that this was such a long post, but it was something new and fun for me - I may have gotten a little carried away, lol. 

cheers everyone && welcome to november!!!

amy, xoxo.

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