Wednesday, 9 October 2013

welcome autumn 2013!


It has been some time since I have posted anything on my blog. Not going to make up a bunch of excuses, because...

                                        ...really... did I not find the time to simply sit down at my computer and type a little post out...
(**extremely embarrassed face**). 

As a matter of fact I don't really have much of an excuse, except to say that it was summer, and I just wasn't on my computer as much...I tried to get out and enjoy the summer days as much as possible! Along with the fact that I didn't really purchase very many beauty products, as my summer looks were really, generally, quite simple.


As sad as I am to say goodbye to summer, I have officially decided to welcome autumn with open arms.


who am I kidding, I absolutely LOVE fall! 

Everything about it - the amazing scents, the beautiful colours, the cooler temperature - each of its elements seem to be exactly what I love. I am, indeed, an autumn type of girl! 

in reality, I have full out dove into fall! 

Today I do not have an actual beauty product review, but I thought I would write a little post to welcome all of you to the newly revamped "thoughts from amy". I decided to try and incorporate as much of the season as I could within the template of my blog. I did this in hopes that I could bring some emotions of excitement towards the season, rather than dread/resentment. If you live anywhere in Canada, you should know exactly what kind of dread I am talking about...

                                    . . .The Brutal Winter. . .

But for now, let's just enjoy the beauty of this season - the crisp, crunchy leaves && the cool air && chunky sweaters && hot drinks && warm/neutral tones && especially all  the cute new booties <3. 

Will be on my computer a little more now, so I will be pushing myself to pump out more blog posts.

Happy Fall Everyone! 


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