Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Covergirl: Clump Crusher Mascara

Hello again!!

Back with another review of ANOTHER mascara!

Big Surprise!!!

Today I am going to be blogging about something that has been circulating around the beauty world  a lot! It has gotten mostly positive reviews, AND I am going to be giving it another one.

I give Covergirl a round of applause for all their newly formulated products, I was never a huge Covergirl fan, but they have really stepped up their game! Every product that I have been trying by them has definitely impressed me!

This mascara is one of those products!

This mascara is absolutely perfect for me, because, as I have mentioned before, I love big dramatic lashes. And one way to achieve that is by layering the mascara. With a lot of other mascaras I have tried, it is almost impossible to go beyond 2 layers without it clumping. However, this mascara allows me to put on as many layers as I want, and it just will NOT clump!


The packaging is quite simple, but the brush is what this mascara is all about! The tiny bristles on the brush are the reason behind the no-clump magic! They are so small and placed so close together that it is almost near to impossible for any clumps to form. The wand is also very strong, which makes it easier to put the brush right at the root of your lashes in order to pull up and create more volume! 

I must say, the only downfall to this mascara is that it doesn't really add any length to your lashes...but it does create a nicely separated and full look! 

I would definitely recommend this mascara to any of you who haven't gone out and gotten it already. It is truly an amazing little thing!

What have you all been thinking about the Clump Crusher? What have you all been thinking about all of Covergirl's new products??

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! The week is half way over!! 


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