Thursday, 10 January 2013

| winter shower gels.

hello everyone!

- have made it through the first week back to school and work now - weekend is almost here - YAY!

Hope all of you are having a fantastic week! My week has gotten much better since Monday, although I am still trying to fight off this cold! Hopefully with the weekend to rest (and with the weather warming up a little bit more here), I will be completely over it by this upcoming Monday!

I have been in love with the shower gels I've been using throughout the colder months! I use two and tend to switch it up depending on my mood, haha.

The one on the left is from Sephora, Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake. Smells absolutely divine, makes you feel like you are at a birthday party every time you shower. It actually captures the warm, vanilla, sugary scent of birthday cake and then there is a background scent, of what I feel smells like the candles being blown out. This shower gel really does do a fabulous job at replicating the scent of a birthday cake - very impressed! The formula of the product is just as good, creamy, suds up very well, and don't have to use too much at one time either! All in all, the Philosophy shower gels always please me - but this one I especially like!

The second shower gel I have been using is from Bath and Body Works. I always seem to have a Bath and Body Works product somewhere in my shower. Dark Kiss is a  scent that a lot of my friends and I instantly fell in love with. I find it to be a very good scent for the colder months as well. It has a little bit more of a musty scent to it - but it is quite appealing. The packaging says that it is a "...seductive blend of voluptuous berries, tempting blooms and night musk to unleash your most primal passions". I love taking showers with this shower gel when I'm going out somewhere at night, or I use it on an overcast/gloomy day - just brings my spirits up. It leaves a nice lingering scent on your skin as well - just as all the Bath and Body Works shower gels do!

Anyway happy Thursday, the weekend is nearing!

What shower gels do you like to use throughout the colder months?


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