Monday, 7 January 2013

Lancome Blush - Winter Coquette

good morning everyone!

Sadly, it is Monday - luckily I have the day off of work and school! But tomorrow, I will be getting back into the grind of things, with it being the first day back at school from Christmas holidays! Not only is it the sad end to my holidays but, I had to take both my cats to the vet this morning and have discovered that one of them has a pretty severe heart murmur. Why do things have to pile up all at once?! Anyway, will be dealing with that!

On another note, I have decided to share a blush with all of you today, has been a while since I have reviewed one of those!

Have to be completely honest with all of you, this blush was free! I got to choose from a number of different products to accompany my purchase at Lancome. Being the blush lover I am, chose one of the darker shades - which is nice to put on my cheeks throughout the colder months :).

The shade of the blush looks a little bit lighter in the picture though. Instead of having more of a peachy tone to it, it's got more of a dark plum colour. It's definitely matte as well, and has a great texture and can easily be applied to your cheeks.

I particularly like wearing this shade throughout the winter because it gives my cheeks a nice rosy look, with no shimmer - so it looks like I have winter kissed cheeks at all times :).

The shade of this blush from Lancome is called, "Mauve Coquette", and it has worked its way into my daily makeup regime more and more. For being an absolutely free product, I must say I am quite pleasantly surprised!

I will end with that, hope all of you are having a much better Monday than I and I will be back to blog soon!

What types of blushes do you like to wear throughout the winter months?


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