Sunday, 9 September 2012

NOTD: Essie 'Merino Cool'

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Another Sunday night (or should I say Monday morning) where I can't sleep. So taking this bit of time to write a blog post about the nail polish I decided to wear for the weekend/second week of school. It's a perfect colour for fall, wore it a lot during this season last year!

As I've said before, Essie's polish never lets me down. Its consistency is very good and I only needed two coats to make this look completely opaque. The polish was easy to put on my nails, therefore, making my job a lot easier! :)

The colour of this polish is a greyish, purple - very mauve. It's the perfect colour to help ease off the bright, exciting colours of the summer.

I am very pleased with the finished look - shiny, no air bubbles, and best of all - no streaks! :)

Another Essie polish that has lived up to the task at hand! :P

Here's to hoping this manicure will last me the whole week!

What is your favourite Essie shade? What nail polishes do you enjoy to wear throughout the fall?

Hope you all have a great Monday - ew Monday. :P



  1. i am glad monday is nearly over .
    Hello. i think u have very inspiring blog here , good fun reading it. Very happy to follow you, would be really cool if you can follow back

  2. thank you so much julia! always nice to hear those types of things about my blog...wasn't blogging as much in the summer, but glad to be back into it :). and yessss i am very glad monday is almost over as well!

    i will check your blog out and follow as well :)

  3. Great!!:)


  4. That's such a pretty colour polish!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog,
    love yours too, following now :)

    Georgia x