Monday, 18 June 2012

Favourite Lip Products (for now hehe.)

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been quite some time that I have blogged, but it has been so nice out that I just haven't really been sitting by my computer often enough. I've been doing a lot of instagramming though - so if you have instagram - add me  @arussel1.

Anyway, since it has been so nice out, I have been attending a lot of BBQ's and parties. When I attend these events I like to have a burst of colour on my lips, with more neutral make-up around my eyes.

This lipstick suits many of the events I have been attending:

M.A.C.'s Viva Glam - Nicki is such a pretty, bright, sort of coral-y pink colour. It really does look like a shade of lipstick Nicki Minaj would wear. I absolutely love it! I carry it around with me at all times.  Yes, I do admit, it isn't an easy lipstick to apply, you definitely need a mirror in order to make sure it gets on every little corner of your lips or it won't look right. But it is definitely worth the work, and doesn't take all that long anyway. 

I simply love the packaging, it is the traditional M.A.C. packaging, but has a little flare with the added deep red colour and the signature of whomever the Viva Glam Product is inspired by. In this case, I have a little autograph of Nicki's on my lipstick. Yes, I listen to Nicki Minaj's music, lol, so I do like having an autograph of hers. Just need to work on getting a real autograph sometime lol - I live in an area of Canada where artists don't really come very often though, so that's highly unlikely :( .

 The colour of this lipstick is very profound! It is very pink, so if you enjoy the colour pink - this lipstick is for you! It is  very bright on my lips, so I tend to wear more neutral make up surrounding it, therefore not too much is going on, on my face.

This is what it looks like on my lips. As you can see I am not over exaggerating on how pink the shade is. But that is what I simply love! I like how pigmented it is, and how bright it is. And it's summer time, and the brights are in style - this is the perfect time to pull off a bright coloured shade of any sort!

Sometimes to add a shine to the lipstick, since it is really matte, I add a lip plumper product to it.

Buxom is a new name that has been added to my make up collection. I had never used it before, but when I saw it in my local Sephora, I just loved all the colours and how the product worked. Soooo, I picked up a Lip Plumper product in the shade 'Creamsicle'.

Its shade is much like the Nicki colour, bright and pink. It has more of a coral undertone though, so it isn't quite so bright! Therefore, when I add this on top of the lipstick it sometimes tones down the brightness of the lipstick.

This is what the shade looks like on its own, it does look pretty bright in this picture, but it really does not look this way on the lips.

When I add this to the lip stick, it gives it a more shiny, smooth effect. And the product really does plump my lips. Not into crazy, huge lips! But it just adds a little bit of a fuller look. I feel that I have very small lips, so this product helps me immensely.

Overall, I love how these two colours look. They are my two favourite shades to wear throughout the summer!

What are your favourite lip products? Would you dare wear a bright colour, like this on your lips?

Happy Monday everyone! I promise I will try to blog more often!


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